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31 Dec

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Costa Rica. If you have more questions, feel free to contact the Poseidon Resort directly.

#1. Do I need to rent a car?

Hotel Poseidon is located smack-dab-in-the-middle of Jaco, so guests at the Hotel Poseidon do NOT need a car. Shopping, bars, restaurants, grocery stores and the beach are all within very close walking distances. And if they are farther away than you want to walk, Taxis are very easy to catch and very inexpensive. Most places around Jaco will only cost you about $2-3 each way.

#2. How can I park my Vehicle?

PRIVATE PARKING LOT – For Hotel Guests we can provide you with parking for $10 per rental night (24 hours max).
STREET PARKING – FREE, but sometimes hard to find really close to the hotel and is not always secure. Many many people do park on the street and never have problems with theft. But if you park on the street, make sure you take out ALL valuables and anything that may look appealing to theives. And if you can move your car to a spot directly in front of the hotel, our guard at night will help deter any problems from happening to the car. We cannot guarantee the safety of your car on the street, but parking in front of the hotel before you go to sleep at night is one suggestion we can make.
PRIVATE PARKING LOT – PAID, Across from Poseidon (Parqueo El Paso) – For Hotel Guests they are offering a special rate of $13 per rental night (24 hours max). This is a private lot which has cameras and a security guard there from 6am-10pm. But, be aware, they close and lock the gates from 10pm-6am and will NOT open them until they open up again at 6am. Parking fee will be paid directly to the parking attendant and not to the Hotel Poseidon.

#3. What adventures can I find outside of the Poseidon Resort?

There are litterally dozens of excursions and adventures in Jaco, such as; ATV trails, Hiking and Ocean activities are the most popular. Have a look at our activies page from themain menu, it lists some exciting things to do in Costa Rica.

#4. What is All-Inclusive?

Because we are a small 14 room hotel with a very popular bar and restaurant, our approach to “All Inclusive” is a bit different, so that is why it’s called an “Inclusive Package”, and not the standard “All Inclusive.”.

#5. What is the Address & Phone of The Poseidon Resort?

Hotel Poseidon:
Calle Bohio 50 Mts West Beachside
Jaco, Costa Rica

#6. Are there group rates?

YES! We cater to groups and encourage you to book a getaway for multiple people. We specialize in Anniversary, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Business Retreats, Corporate Retreat, Divorce Parties, Fishing Groups, Guy Groups, Group Getaways, Ladies Retreat, Single Groups.
Our Group Packages offer you the best All-Inclusive deals and give you “Run of the House” meaning you will have the resort and all of its Privacy all to yourselves.

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